Our Story: Four things brought us together.


We share a research and learning mindset, a positive psychology bent, and values based in service. Although some talents overlap, we each bring unique strengths  that complement each other.


Our founders shared a common mentor, Paul Gaske, PhD who was a trusted advisor to many executives. Paul loved his work and made a lasting impact on people and organizations. He taught us how to be a great consultant and friend, which remains our north star.


We see opportunities to apply research for leaders and managers. We read enthusiastically, partner with outstanding academic researchers, conduct original research, and strive to make insights useful to leaders.


We grow our team by partnering with people who demonstrate a growth mindset, bring unique expertise, and are passionate about their work.

Thrive Team


Catherine Flavin

Job Title

Catherine is trained as a political scientist and survey researcher; she collects and uses data to help leaders understand, benefit from, and guide the opinion of their followers. We are inspired by her vision and sense of possibility, her synthesis and storytelling skills, and her quest to ask better questions.  She is on a constant hunt for insights across disciplines and for tips from effective, fulfilled, inclusive leaders.  She has a strong sense of social responsibility, and strives to make a difference at work and in the community. Her husband, Steve, and their three children sustain, gratify, and often impress her (as does her Carolina Dog, Tsuki). She calls West Hartford, CT, home.


Theresa Hoffman

Job Title

Theresa has a tremendous passion, and an understated way, of helping new and established leaders gain powerful insights into themselves and their habits; and these lead to dramatic shifts in their worldviews and behaviors. She is wise, driven, and empathetic; that combination of traits helps her to get results and to develop strong, long-term relationships. When Theresa is not consulting or reading, she serves as adjunct professor of Psychology at West Chester University. She lives in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, with her husband and their three very insightful children (who in turn care for their family’s goats, chickens and barn cats).


Cathleen Swody

Sample job title

Cathleen is an industrial/organizational psychologist with an uncanny ability to turn data and research into meaningful professional growth.  Senior leaders call her when they are not sure whom to hire, how to advance their own or their team’s development, or how to distill insights from reams of data. She is ferocious in pursuing insights, unassuming in her approach, and engaging on stage and across the table. Dr. Swody is an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut School of Business, a runner, and a bookworm. Originally from New Jersey, she resides in Connecticut with her husband, two sons, and completely spoiled dog, Foster.


Consulting Fellows


Anna Gauthier

Job Title

For more than 30 years, Anna has been a leader, and has supported leaders and teams. Her practical wisdom and creativity, coupled with authentic warmth and a service mindset, enable Anna to help leaders to strengthen engagement, communications effectiveness, team functioning, and leadership. Having been on the receiving end of consulting, she knows the importance of listening before recommending actions that not only build on what’s working but can actually be executed and measured. She is savvy about bringing positive psychology to “the real world,” most recently having served as the Chief Optimism Officer at Lincoln Financial Group where she was a Senior Vice President and Head of Communications for the retirement business and shared services and information technology divisions. And, having grown up in financial services (before LFG, Genworth Financial, Capital One, and Wheat First Securities, the predecessor to Wells Fargo Advisors), everything she does has a focus on lasting, positive changes that enhance the bottom line. Anna lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Even though she’s been there for almost 10 years, she can’t shake her Southern accent or her loyalty to the Atlanta Braves.


Maria Sirois

Job Title

Maria is a master teacher, facilitator and author. She is devoted to the science of well-being and the art of crafting a life and a work that embodies health, passion and success. As a positive psychologist (Psy.D.) and consultant, she focuses on the resilience of the human spirit particularly when under chronic stress, during significant transitions or changes, and/or feeling the shock of wholesale change. Known for her wisdom, authenticity and rampant humor, Maria brings a depth of experience in leadership development and stress management for corporate and non‐profit professionals alike. Her work in the medical, legal, human service, financial, technology and educational sectors focuses on building capacity and engagement around chronic stressors such as conflicting goals, difficult conversations, unrealistic expectations and moments of failure — using such moments to leverage sustained positive shifts in perspective and ability. Her home is in the Berkshire Mountains where she attempts on a daily basis to love her children well enough so that they too find a way to embrace the world with a grounded optimism and a sense of their own strengths. And on most days, she remembers to feed the cat.


Beverly Williams

Job Title

Beverly is a certified, experienced coach and facilitator who excels at connecting and creating the trust needed not only to get leaders or teams unstuck, but often to inspire transformations. She brings a unique combination of competence, caring, tenacity and flexibility. Whether 1:1 or in front of a large group, Beverly meets people where they are, speaks plain talk, and finds the approach that works in the moment. Her niche – that is, with high potentials and mid-level to senior leaders — found her. Her background as a financial services leader likely is part of the reason. Her experience shapes the practical guidance she gives and the stories she shares. It keeps her focused on results, and it is also a source of deep empathy for the challenges leaders face. Further, Beverly is beautifully organized and disciplined, with a project management background and a hard-won understanding of what is really important. She knows how to prioritize as a whole person, and her colleagues, clients, loved ones and community all benefit.


Our Values

  • Smart Simplicity – We strive to be efficient in how we carry out analyses and projects and we provide valuable insights that are easy to remember.
  • Passion about Potential — We make the process of becoming an authentic, adaptable, inclusive leader a positive one, even when delivering tough messages.
  • Linking Leaders with Useful Research — We bring the best thinking from existing and original research, making insights accessible and actionable to more people.
  • Integrity, Humility and Hunger to Learn — We are genuinely committed to serving our clients. We engage with honesty and professionalism to be worthy long-term partners.
  • Contributing to the Community — We invest in relationships by connecting people, nurturing professional networks, and supporting good causes in our communities.

Our Clients

Below is a sampling of the organizations we are proud to support. We are grateful to their leaders for their trust and partnership.